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Google Earth, Chromium and Mac OS X

31. May 2007

Google Earth, Chromium and Mac OS X

Finally a cool application for demonstrating Chromium on OS X: Google Earth! After some fixing of the CGL/AGL Chromium code, customizing the config file, removing all whitespace from the path and other minor issues I could get it running on my mini display wall I use for testing the WWDC07 setup.

Chromium for sure is bandwidth-hungry. My MacBook Pro pumps out about 50MB/s (bytes, not bits) to the two MacPro’s – thankfully the broadcast SPU works.

I can’t wait to see it on the big wall!


Next Stop: WWDC07

23. May 2007

Apple will be demoing a display wall made out of 5×3 30-inch cinema displays at WWDC07 – that’s 3.4×1.6m (136×63.9 inch) or in other words: a 150-inch display with a 60 MPixel resolution!

And what is even better – I will be there with a colleague from TG to show Chromium and Equalizer, talk to the developers and get the Mac people excited about parallel rendering.

It will be quite a nice setup to play with. The only thing I am concerned with is that each MacPro drives two displays from a single GPU – 8 MPixels needs quite some fill rate. 🙂


22. May 2007


I’ve just enjoyed two nice, sunny days in Lugano. The conference and my presentation went very well, and I’ve had lots of discussions with similar-minded people.

The invited talk by Caroline Cruz-Neira did confirm to me that I’m doing exactly the right thing with Equalizer with trying to provide a standard tool for the creation of parallel OpenGL applications to push high-performance visualization.

For the size of the conference I was positively surprised about the paper quality and audience. Thanks to everybody for the good discussions and feedback, and see you soon at the WWDC!

Equalizer v0.3 release crunch

5. May 2007

Last week I’ve spend two days at the Swiss National Supercomputing Center to do the release testing for Equalizer v0.3, and to prepare the demo session later this month (see last post). They’ve got quite an impressive visualization cluster of 16 HP xw9300 workstations with two nVidia Quadro’s per node, SDR Infiniband and all the goodies. Unfortunately I didn’t quite finish running all the performance benchmarks, so that will have to wait for later. On the other hand I’ve fixed a couple of bugs in Equalizer, so the recently-released v0.3 has improved a lot, quality-wise. And the Windows XP support is also an important milestone for Equalizer.