Google Earth, Chromium and Mac OS X

Google Earth, Chromium and Mac OS X

Finally a cool application for demonstrating Chromium on OS X: Google Earth! After some fixing of the CGL/AGL Chromium code, customizing the config file, removing all whitespace from the path and other minor issues I could get it running on my mini display wall I use for testing the WWDC07 setup.

Chromium for sure is bandwidth-hungry. My MacBook Pro pumps out about 50MB/s (bytes, not bits) to the two MacPro’s – thankfully the broadcast SPU works.

I can’t wait to see it on the big wall!


8 Responses to “Google Earth, Chromium and Mac OS X”

  1. Sean Says:

    I’d love to know how you got Google Earth to run with Chromium in the first place. I’m using Chromium CVS (1.9) and can’t get it to run correctly on our 27-tile powerwall. Other things (VisIt, VMD, etc.) work just fine. Maybe vertex arrays or something…

  2. eile Says:

    The trick is to insert an array spu before the tilesort (or broadcast) spu:

    clientnode.AddSPU( SPU( ‘array’ ))
    clientnode.AddSPU( tilesortspu )

  3. Martin Egge Says:

    I could not get Google Earth running with current chromium under linux. Can you please send me your chromium configuration from WWDC and the one for two display hosts?


  4. eile Says:


    I now longer have the config files nor the hardware. If you got Chromium working with other programs in a tilesort config, e.g., wall.conf, it is just a matter of adding the array spu before the tilesort spu, as shown two comments above.



  5. eile Says:


    I’ve just remembered that I posted the config in another article. Have a look in the comments of



  6. Ricardo Jota Says:


    I’,m trying to compile Chromium on OSX 10.5 (as of February 2008 – cvs version). And I still get AGL errors:

    cgl.c:161: error: conflicting types for ‘CGLChoosePixelFormat’
    /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Headers/OpenGL.h:28: error: previous declaration of ‘CGLChoosePixelFormat’ was here

    how did you get chromium to run under OSX ?
    Thanks in advance,


  7. eile Says:


    I don’t remember getting this error, but I was doing this work 8 month ago and haven’t touched Chromium since then. It was also on Tiger, so it may be that some things have changed.

    It’s best if you ask on the Chromium mailing list.



  8. Ricardo Jota Says:

    Thanks Stefan,

    Cheers, Jota

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