WWDC, here I come…

The new Equalizer polygon renderer

The last couple of days I have been busy preparing the WWDC demo of Chromium and Equalizer. We’ve made excellent progress, and certified quite a few applications (Google Earth, VMD, Paraview and Amira) to run on the display wall using Chromium.

On the Equalizer side, there is a new, improved version of the polygonal renderer using a much better internal data structure (a 3D kd-tree) and per-vertex normals. I haven’t been able to test it thouroughly, but I’ll have some time before the show to try it out on the MacPro cluster.

Tomorrow I’ll be travelling to San Francisco, and I am looking forward to an exciting show and to see you all! The scheduled times for the demos are Tue-Fri, 9am-12am.


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