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GCC, pthreads and OpenMP

14. June 2008

About a month ago I mentioned an issue with OpenMP and pthreads on GCC in another post.

This week there was a reply to the bug I’ve opened. Apparently it has been fixed, too bad that it will take quite some time to trickle down into a gcc release and then into OS distributions, but that’s not really anybody’s fault.


OpenCL – Finally a generic GPGPU API?!

14. June 2008

My first thought when Apple announced OpenCL at this years’ WWDC was ‘Not another GPGPU language!’. While details are still sparse, the Wikipedia article states that OpenCL is submitted to Khronos.

This is indeed good news. So far I have shunned GPGPU languages since they tend to be proprietary or not generally available. While using API’s like CUDA or RMDP is relatively easy, the last 10% of motivation where always missing for me since it would only work on one platform or cost money.

I hope that OpenCL is going to be adopted fast (I am looking at you nVidia, Intel and ATI!) and becomes as ubiquitous as OpenGL.

Edit: It is official!