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Parallel Rendering Video – Multi-Level Decomposition

8. August 2008

Below is the last video planned for now, so the stream of videos will slow down a bit. But don’t worry, we’ll keep creating new videos in the future.

This video shows a mixed DB (sort-last) and 2D (sort-first) decomposition. In real life, the DB part breaks down the amount of data to fit it onto GPU memory, and the 2D part provides scalability with less IO overhead.


Note: Again the capture tool was interfering, hence the slowness and jerky load-balancing. 😦


Parallel Rendering Videos – Direct-Send

7. August 2008

The newest video explains parallel direct-send compositing for DB compounds. It is closely related to the Direct Send Compositing for Parallel Sort-Last Rendering paper we presented at EGPGV’07.

Note: the stuttering in the video comes from the capture tool, not Equalizer. 😦

Parallel Rendering Videos – Multi-Display

5. August 2008

Again a new video, this time showing various examples of multi-display setups supported by Equalizer, with a fancy scalable 2×2 stereo configuration at the end: