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RTT DeltaGen 8.5 (RTT Scale) video

24. January 2009

RTT just published a DeltaGen 8.5 video on youtube, including a shot of RTT Scale, which is based on Equalizer. Enjoy some realtime raytraced Audi Q5 goodness with global illumination:

Youtube link


List of available affinity GPU’s

24. January 2009

If you just want to check if your Windows system can address GPU’s individually in OpenGL, there is a new tool on the Equalizer website which lists the GPU’s visible through the WGL_NV_gpu_affinity API. This is often useful if you want to cross-check your own code, or just verify a system setup. Feel free to post questions below!

OpenSceneGraph and Equalizer

24. January 2009

After months of talk on the eq-dev mailing list, finally we have a stub integration of OpenSceneGraph and Equalizer. Kudos to everybody, especially to Thomas, how was the one which made finally the first step!

Parallel GLUT

24. January 2009

I’ve started a new pet project: Parallel GLUT, which is a parallel implementation of the GLUT API. The website, much like the source code, is still very minimalistic. Eventually it will grow to support multi-GPU systems and clusters for GLUT programs with minimal changes, and it is based on Equalizer.

This project is really born out of curiosity, and I don’t have much time to work on it. So far it can do very little, but I hope that over time it will become useful. How knows, maybe somebody picks it up and extends it to his needs? Let me know what you think in the comments below!