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Gallery: VR Lab University of Siegen

19. June 2009

Click on the image to see a gallery of the various Virtual Reality applications in use at the University of Siegen.

All applications are based on Equalizer, and most of them use head tracking and a flight stick for interaction. The architectural walk-through is using OpenSceneGraph.


Crazy Equalizer Configuration

7. June 2009

Below is a screenshot of an Equalizer configuration showing all basic decomposition modes in one window. The configuration file is in the source repository at examples/configs/1-window.mixed.eqc.

Top-left: Database
Top-right: DPlex
Bottom-left: 2D, load-balanced
Bottom-right (upper): Stereo
Bottom-right (lower): Pixel

All Equalizer Scalability Modes
Armadillo data set courtesy Stanford University Computer Graphics Laboratory.