Equalizer 0.9 Released!

Cross-Segment Load-Balancing
We are pleased to announce the release of Equalizer 0.9, the standard framework to create and deploy parallel, scalable OpenGL applications. The most notable new features in this release are:

Please check the release notes on the Equalizer website for a comprehensive list of new features, enhancements, optimizations and bug fixes. A paperback book of the Programming and User Guide is available from Lulu.com.

We would like to thank all individuals and parties who have contributed to the development of Equalizer 0.9.


5 Responses to “Equalizer 0.9 Released!”

  1. tuan kuranes Says:

    Very, very interesting.

    I wonder what’s the current status of multiple GPU/windows on MacOsx in Equalizer, as I have hard time selecting GPU or even setting two fullscreen window in the same program. (as MAcOsx doesn’t update it’s driver often enough, the opengl extension about gpu affinity doesn’t exists there…)

    • eile Says:

      You don’t need the GPU affinity extension. Your question is answered here, or just check the Equalizer source code:


      Q: How do OpenGL programs behave with multiple graphics cards on Mac OS X?
      A: The OpenGL rendering happens on the card where most of the pixels of the window are located. Areas of the window located on other graphics cards are copied from the main renderer.

      Q: How to I address a specific graphics card on Mac OS X (AGL)?
      A: OS X 10.4 and earlier: Use the handle obtained by DMGetGDeviceByDisplayID for .
      A: OS X 10.5: Use the display mask returned by CGDisplayIDToOpenGLDisplayMask as the value for the AGL_DISPLAY_MASK pixel format attribute.

  2. Equalizer 0.9 Available for Parallel and Scalable OpenGL Applications | The Geeks Of 3D - 3D Tech News Says:

    […] [via] […]

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