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Equalizer Source Code Analysis

29. May 2011

Sub-Project Sizes

I was interested on the relative sub-project size in Equalizer, so I’ve quickly hacked together a small perl script extracting this data from the CMake output. Note that this is not an exact measure of the project complexity since (I believe) it only counts the number of files in each project, and not the lines of code or compile time.

Collage, the network library, is quite a big part and the one which will probably grow in relative size in the future. The Equalizer client library is relatively big, mostly since it contains a lot of code for window-system coupling. The server library is relatively small, considering that it contains all the rendering algorithms. On the examples side, eqPly is unsurprisingly the biggest one as it contains the most features.


Equalizer 1.0 released

20. May 2011

It’s been only 21 months since the last post, but both Equalizer and me are still alive. This month we finally released the version 1.0, which was looong overdue.

Most notably, this release defines the stable API for all Equalizer 1.x releases. This means that all the functions marked with version 1.0 will be source-code compatible until we’ll release an Equalizer 2.0. Parts of the API are still undefined and unstable, in particular for the also-new Collage network library. However, 99% all of the functions used by the examples are stable.

Since the last major version, 0.9, there have been plenty of improvements and new features, e.g., subpixel compounds, reliable multicast for data distribution, runtime mono/stereo switch and many more. A comprehensive list is in the Release Notes.

Since this month I’ve started working on a new project based on Equalizer, and hopefully I’ll update this blog more regularly. More about this in another post…