Introducing lunchbox::MTQueue< T >

Unsurprisingly, this time we’ll look into the MTQueue. The multi-threaded queue is the blocking, fully threadsafe big brother of the LFQueue discussed last week.

The MTQueue is fully thread-safe, that is, any public method can be called from any thread at any given time. Any request which will wait until it can be satisfied.

Naturally, the most common use case is to pop() items from the queue, potentially waiting for them. This is used extensively in Equalizer, e.g., by the pipe render threads which pop tasks received from the server to execute them. For pop, there are also a non-blocking tryPop() and bound timedPop() methods which may fail.

But the MTQueue goes further in the blocking paradigm: getFront(), getBack() operator [] and even push() may block. For the blocking push, the queue has a runtime-configurable maximum size which limits the number of items in the queue. This is useful when linking a slow consumer thread with a fast producer thread to limit memory usage and eventually slow down the producer. Even the setMaxSize() blocks until the queue meets the new maximum size requirement!

To implement the thread-safety and blocking semantics, almost every operation uses a Condition lock/unlock and signal or wait. Since this condition has a certain overhead, bulk operations such as push( std::vector ) amortize this cost over multiple items. This is for example used by the RSPConnection, which will push multiple buffers at once to to application when possible (see last weeks post).

Fun fact: During the writing of this post, I discovered and fixed a thread-safety issue with the copy constructor and assignment operator.


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