Introducing lunchbox::RequestHandler

The last post –for now– in the lunchbox series is about the RequestHandler. This class is the most specific in Lunchbox, and makes most sense in the context of Collage. The primary use case is to register a pending operation and wait on its completion by another thread. The pattern is similar to futures, except that a future can be easily identified by a single integer.

In Collage, it is heavily used for synchronous, remote operations. The caller registers a request, sends a packet containing the request ID to a remote node which eventually replies using the request ID. The local reply handler then serves the local request, unblocking the caller waiting on the request. For convenience, data can be attached to the request, and the thread serving the request can provide a (return) value passed on to the waitRequest().

This concludes the lunchbox introduction. I’ve intentionally skipped over the following classes since I believe their concepts are more commonplace: Buffer, Clock, DSO, Lock, SpinLock, TimedLock, ScopedMutex, Log, MemoryMap, PerThread, Pool, RefPtr, RNG, Thread and UUID. If you want to hear some background on one of them, please post below.

Next week I’ll cover another topic – BuildYard, Collage, dash are on the list.


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