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IEEE VisWeek: Equalizer poster

16. October 2012

Equalizer Poster

Tomorrow night is the poster session for the second poster, recent advances in Equalizer: Region of Interest, Focus Distance, Optimizations for Multi-GPU Clusters (Thread Affinity, Asynchronous Readback) and new applications.

The poster is already up in Ballroom A, or on the right side.

The DASH poster reception went very well, everybody I talked was convinced by the concept and saw immediate applicability for their problems. The feedback was much more positive than I was hoping for.


IEEE VisWeek: DASH Poster

14. October 2012

DASH Poster

Today I’ll be presenting our DASH poster at the IEEE VisWeek. This is the first official outing of DASH, I’m intrigued to see what interest it will generate. If you’re around in Seattle, feel free to come and speak to me, otherwise have a look at the poster on the right and leave comments.

For more information and the source code go to

Thanks to Marwan for designing this poster!