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ParaComp 1.2 released

20. November 2008

A new version of the compositing library ParaComp was just released. Old-timers might remember this library as PICA.

Most notably, this release adds the necessary hooks for Equalizer, and Equalizer 0.6 will use Paracomp on Linux for alpha-blending. Right now this is the only mode where Paracomp is faster than the Equalizer default implementation, but I’m sure more will be added over time.

Kudos to the ParaComp team!


Streaming compositing for database decomposition

14. November 2008

I’ve published a new parallel rendering video showing streaming compositing for DB decomposition. The algorithm is pretty simple, but keeps the compositing workload and network load evenly distributed by streaming the results through all rendering nodes:


New Poll, Equalizer 0.6 release coming

14. November 2008

I’ve just tagged the release candidate for the upcoming 0.6 release. You can get the release notes here.

Since the blogflux polls are broken for some time and to celebrate the new release, I’ve also created a new poll. Here it is:

DPlex support, including parallel rendering video

27. October 2008

The Equalizer source tree now contains support for DPlex decompositions. This was the last scalable rendering feature missing, which means that the client library is now 1.0-ready. Yeah!

But fear not, we’ve got plenty in store for the following Equalizer releases leading to the 1.0. And even after version 1.0 we have plenty of features and optimizations in store to push the boundaries of scalable rendering performance.

I’ll now test and fix some corner cases of DPlex, like multi-level decompositions, before the 0.6 release. For normal DPlex mode, the feature is already working well, see for yourself:

Equalizer in Action

15. October 2008

In the near future there are two events where you can get a live Equalizer demonstration.

The first one is IEEE Vis next week in Columbus, OHIO. Max from the University of Zurich will give demonstrations in the Interactive Demonstrations Lab.

The second one is Siggraph Asia in December, where Renato Pajarola is contributing to the Interactive Massive Model Rendering course.

Feel free to pass by and talk to us!

Parallel Rendering Video – Multi-Level Decomposition

8. August 2008

Below is the last video planned for now, so the stream of videos will slow down a bit. But don’t worry, we’ll keep creating new videos in the future.

This video shows a mixed DB (sort-last) and 2D (sort-first) decomposition. In real life, the DB part breaks down the amount of data to fit it onto GPU memory, and the 2D part provides scalability with less IO overhead.


Note: Again the capture tool was interfering, hence the slowness and jerky load-balancing. 😦

Parallel Rendering Videos – Direct-Send

7. August 2008

The newest video explains parallel direct-send compositing for DB compounds. It is closely related to the Direct Send Compositing for Parallel Sort-Last Rendering paper we presented at EGPGV’07.

Note: the stuttering in the video comes from the capture tool, not Equalizer. 😦

Parallel Rendering Videos – Multi-Display

5. August 2008

Again a new video, this time showing various examples of multi-display setups supported by Equalizer, with a fancy scalable 2×2 stereo configuration at the end:

Parallel Rendering Videos – Pixel

31. July 2008

Below is the next video – Pixel-based decomposition:

Parallel Rendering Videos – Stereo

30. July 2008

Below is the next video – EYE (stereo) decomposition: