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New Equalizer Poll

15. July 2008

I’ve created a new poll to get a feeling which scenegraph integration is most wanted in Equalizer.

We’ve like to get a feeling where the biggest need is to port scene-graph based OpenGL applications to multi-GPU systems and visualization clusters.

Unfortunately I can’t embed the poll in this posting, so just weasel over to the Equalizer website and take the poll there!

If you have any input or don’t find your scene graph listed, just leave a comment below.


Parallel Ogre3D Follow-Up

12. January 2008

Some time ago I mentioned that an Ogre3D-based Equalizer example application is coming.

Meanwhile I’ve integrated the code from Hui Chang into the Equalizer tree under src/contrib/eqOgre. Hui will be the one extending and maintaining this code. You can read about the progress in his blog.

I’m counting on him and the community to look after this. Occasionally I’ll test it on Mac OS X. Feel free to post to the eq-dev mailing list regarding eqOgre, either Hui or I will try to help you.

Parallel Ogre3D is coming…

12. November 2007

…see here: Preview of Ogre integrated with Equalizer.