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Equalizer 0.9 Released!

11. August 2009

Cross-Segment Load-Balancing
We are pleased to announce the release of Equalizer 0.9, the standard framework to create and deploy parallel, scalable OpenGL applications. The most notable new features in this release are:

Please check the release notes on the Equalizer website for a comprehensive list of new features, enhancements, optimizations and bug fixes. A paperback book of the Programming and User Guide is available from

We would like to thank all individuals and parties who have contributed to the development of Equalizer 0.9.


Gallery: VR Lab University of Siegen

19. June 2009

Click on the image to see a gallery of the various Virtual Reality applications in use at the University of Siegen.

All applications are based on Equalizer, and most of them use head tracking and a flight stick for interaction. The architectural walk-through is using OpenSceneGraph.

Four years of Equalizer

4. March 2009

Happy Birthday!

Last Sunday, we’ve passed the fourth anniversary of ‘Project Equalizer’, as it was called back then.

The name stuck, although we are way past a project definition. Equalizer has become a feature-rich, generic framework for creating parallel and scalable OpenGL applications.

Since last year, the code has matured considerably, and a lot of new exiting features such as load-balancing and DPlex (alternate frame rendering) support. Furthermore, the community has grown a lot and there are a couple of new users out there.

Since last year, the Equalizer project and community feels much more ‘serious’, something which can’t be expressed by features alone. The upcoming BOF and activity on the mailing list is a good indicator for this.

I am looking forward to another year of interesting tasks around parallel programming and 3D graphics!

OpenSceneGraph and Equalizer

24. January 2009

After months of talk on the eq-dev mailing list, finally we have a stub integration of OpenSceneGraph and Equalizer. Kudos to everybody, especially to Thomas, how was the one which made finally the first step!

New Equalizer Poll

15. July 2008

I’ve created a new poll to get a feeling which scenegraph integration is most wanted in Equalizer.

We’ve like to get a feeling where the biggest need is to port scene-graph based OpenGL applications to multi-GPU systems and visualization clusters.

Unfortunately I can’t embed the poll in this posting, so just weasel over to the Equalizer website and take the poll there!

If you have any input or don’t find your scene graph listed, just leave a comment below.